September Seattle Trip

Hi~! In September my friend Nikki, my boyfriend Kyle, and I drove up to Seattle to see the Love Live movie and hang out with friends. I took some pictures!

I've been to Seattle a decent number of times, but it's almost always for Sakuracon. We drove up on Saturday and back on Sunday, so it wasn't an extended stay, but getting to see some more of Seattle was awesome!

In all honesty I'm not a very big Love Live fan, and I didn't really enjoy the movie ;; But getting to spend time with friends made the trip totally worth it!

When we were talking about our trip, Nikki kept saying she wanted to go to this place called Katsu Burger. I hadn't heard of it, but it's like a Japanese-style burger place where they fry all their meat katsu style.


Nikki and her burg!

So Katsu Burger has a burger called The Mt Fuji that's ridiculously huge with 3 patties on it, and if you eat it all in one sitting you get a pin. Naturally, my friend decided to do it.

Seriously, look how tall it is!

Yes, he ate the whole thing (notice he had to take his jacket off).

My large-but-normal-sized burger. I went with just a basic burger and a katsu-fried beef patty. It was incredible~

Here's what I wore on Sunday:

Hat: Super Orange
T-Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Flannel: Paige
Jeans: DL 1961
Boots: BP
Necklace: Forever 21

I really want to go back to Seattle! It was fun, there's so much to do that it's impossible to do in 2 days @_@

I'll leave you with a cow-themed store we saw on the Highway: