A Loliversary Picnic

I recently went to Danielle's loliversary picnic where we were encouraged to dress up in oldschool-inspired outfits. I took a bunch of pictures!

So much food!

The weather was perfect, we had a variety of delicious food, and we were in excellent company with each other <3

After we ate, we did crafts like making sachets and sketching.

I didn't get a good outfit shot alone, so here's Danielle and me!

Outfit rundown
Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Infanta
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Angelic Pretty
Socks + Shoes: Secret Shop


Everyone is so cute!

All day people kept taking prom photos in the park so we took our own ;)
LR: Holly, Rosie, Alexandria, Jenna, Nicole, Alexandra, Danielle, Laura

This picnic really brought me back to the days when I first started attending meetups. Most meets were things like potluck picnics or window shopping at the mall. Lately we've been enjoying reminiscing about the early days of lolita fashion.

I hope you have a great day~