Lolita Wine Tasting Vacation ♡ Day 1

A bunch of my friends and I had been talking about doing a weekend trip to Yakima, Washington for wine tasting, and we made it happen! A big group of us went up together, and for our tasting tour we visited four wineries in a limo.

To start off, here's what I wore:

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Infanta
Jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Secret Shop
Pins: Rosehound Apparel, Fat Junkie, Nikki Lipstick, Japan LA
Other Accessories: AP, offbrand, handmade

The first winery we went to was J. Bell Cellars.

They had a super cute dog that came out to greet us! Their winery also had a lovely seating area outside where I took my outfit picture above.

The second winery had a lovely view of their grapes growing! My friends said these photos reminded them of Kamikaze Girls.

The third winery was Treveri Cellars, which specializes in sparkling wines. I love drinks with carbonation, so this one was my favorite!

They also served food and had specialty cocktails made with their wine, so we got to relax and fill our stomachs. 

I'm so regretting not getting one of these bottles! Their Riesling my favorite from the entire tour! By this point in the tour I was getting drunk lol.

Our last winery had a beautiful garden that was seated up on a hill and overlooked farms and fields.

After taking a lot of pictures in the flowers, we headed home.

Here's a pic of our classy limo~

I know some of my friends have had "lolita vacations" where a everyone stays in a house together while on a trip, but this was the first time. It was fun to see everyone getting ready, helping each other zip up dresses and tie waistbows.

The next day we had a meetup with some of the Yakima lolita community. That'll be my next blog post!

Have you ever gone a vacation before with lolita friends, or done a vacation for a lolita-specific event? Let me know in the comments! I want to hear your stories!


Pink Only!

On Saturday I was busy busy busy with fun things! In the early afternoon Laura, Nicole, Danielle, and I walked down the street from my apartment and got crepes. Then we got some party snacks and alcohol and went back to Laura's and settled in for an SGDQ party.

Here's what I wore!

Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Infanta
Bolero: Bodyline
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Secret Shop
Ring: Angelic Pretty

As always, I wore pins!

Portland Lolitas badge: made by Nicole
Cross stitch pin: Gilly Press
Magical Girl Gang pin: The Pink Samurai
Eyemask pin: Fat Junkie

Mimosas at noon and Peach Viniq at 5 ;)

There was a big street fair happening right outside the crepe shop, so we walked around for a bit and looked at stuff. There was a stand selling macarons for 3 for $5!

I got some, of course! I'm in love with the strawberry-shaped one, it was strawberry lemonade flavored and my favorite of the bunch. 

Now the weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Even so, I have fun little things planned that make the week a bit brighter! And I have peach-flavored jelly sake. That always helps too~


A la Carte x Red

I wore almost this same outfit back in February, but I really love wearing my A La Carte jsk with red! I think it brings out the details of the print more than just pink (which is my usual go-to)!

lolita fashion with pastel a la mode by angelic pretty

Outfit Rundown

♡ Blouse - Infanta
♡ Bolero - Bodyline
♡ Jsk - Angelic Pretty
♡ Socks - Angelic Pretty
♡ Shoes - Bodyline
♡ Hairbow - Daiso

Here are my pins!

lolita fashion and enamel pins

♡ Peach Schnapps - Rosehound Apparel
♡ Portland Lolitas - made by Nicole
♡ Eye Mask - Fatjunkie
♡ Corsage - Rosehound Apparel
♡ I Lost It - Vintage
♡ Macaron - Kawaiiboku

My friends and I are starting to get obsessed with pins. I currently have 3 enamel pins on the way to me in the mail... At least they're not expensive?

What's your current accessory obsession? Let me know in the comments!


Afternoon Tea

As cliche as it is, I love getting dressed up in lolita and going to afternoon tea. Portland seems to have a deficit of traditional Western tea service, with our go-to tea place closing down. My friends and I decided to check out Hotel deLuxe's tea service, and we loved it!

We did a semi-theme of "Golden Age Angelic Pretty" for our coordinates, emulating 2008-2012 sweet lolita. Whip Magic fit perfectly for what I wanted to do! Here's what I wore:

Outfit Rundown
♡ Headbow - Angelic Pretty
♡ Necklace - Chocomint
♡ Bolero - Angelic Pretty
♡ Onepiece - Angelic Pretty
♡ Socks - Secret Shop
♡ Shoes - Secret Shop
♡ Wig - Lucaille

hotel deluxe tea service portland
angelic pretty lolita fashion in portland

Our tea squad L-R:
Kim, Nicole, Laura, Derin, Paige, Holly, and Danielle!

The hotel asked to take our picture, so I had them take one on my phone too! I love how everyone looks!

Shoes & a very large star.

Some selfies I took with BeautyCam.

We're definitely doing tea again at this location! The food was so good, and so was the tea. It was traditional and delicious~

I can't wait to hang out with my friends again!


May '16 Snapshots

This May is coming to a close, and summer is fast upon us. Most of the blooming flowers have come and gone already, but I've been trying to keep pastels around in my life past spring. Here's a series of snapshots from the past month.

 [left: pink Starbucks; right: playing with resin]
 [left: new nails; right: random lolita coordinate]
 [left: outfit for running errands; right: my anime figures]

It's fun seeing some of my favorite photos from May and being able to connect a stronger color theme through them. I've been playing around a lot with various editing and sticker apps on my phone, and I'm starting to get the hang of what I like.

These are all from my Instagram (@starmiyas), posted throughout May. I try to post almost daily, kind of like livejournal "a photo a day" challenges I used to do. I'm on Instagram almost constantly, the constant flow of original content is addicting!