Overgrown Path

I've always had a penchant for areas overgrown with nature. In elementary school my friends and I found a big oak tree by the playground with lots of overgrown bushes and shrubs, and we would pretend it was our forest cottage. I love the whimsical feel of areas like that, where I can pretend I'm an elegant forest fairy.

Luckily, the area I live in now has plenty of sidewalks that have become overgrown with nature. It's always fun to take pictures around it. I took pictures in a similar area when I borrowed Danielle's Glass Bottle of Tears set.

Angelic Pretty lolita fashion
Angelic Pretty lolita fashion
Angelic Pretty lolita fashion
Angelic Pretty lolita fashion

Thank you to Laura for taking these pictures!

Headbow: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Bodyline
Dress: Angelic Pretty (Pastel a la Mode)
Socks: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty

My hair is finally getting long enough to put up. It was fun doing big puffball hair!

That same day, Hilary came down from Seattle to visit us and Laura and I dressed her up in lolita. 

Dressing up people in lolita is so fun, especially when they've never worn the style before!

Next weekend is summer International Lolita Day. We're running a big sold-out event in Portland, it's really exciting but also scary! I'm crafting like crazy this week!


Radioactive Cupcakes

My friends and I dressed up in lolita to show Danielle's friend Rae around town.

I've worn my Whip Magic dress a couple of times, but I think this is my favorite coordinate I've done with it so far. The combination of things like the giant bow on the front and the high waist make it kind of hard to wear, but I love figuring out new ways to coordinate it.

Wearing Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic lolita set.

Everything is Angelic Pretty except for my shoes, which are Secret Shop.

Pdx lolitas taking a selfie

Selfies with Danielle and Jenna!

Twinning lolita fashion in Whip Magic

Jenna and I both wore Whip Magic. It's interesting, we kind of tried to twin by doing similar color matching (pink for me, black for her) but the cuts and colors on our dresses are so different! Mine is the deep pink colorway which really gives off the "radioactive cupcakes" nickname for the print haha.

Angelic Pretty Whip Magic details

My nails actually matched this dress for once! Bow ring by Angelic Pretty, heart ring made by me.

Finally, I leave you with the best picture I've ever been in:

pdx lolitas squad