3 Cross Stitch Projects

When I was a junior in high school, I was obsessed with the movie Kamikaze Girls. I especially loved how the main character's hobby was embroidery, and how delicate and pretty it was. I mentioned it to my grandma, and that summer she taught me how to do counted cross stitch.

It's been over 4 years since the taught me, but this year I started to get back into it. Here are some projects I just finished.

This design is based on a design by Super Orange, and I actually made this for the owner! I converted his design into one I could cross stitch. My favorite detail is the gold metallic thread on the outline. I have the official hat with this design embroidered on it, and it also has a gold metallic outline on it. I'm a sucker for sparkles, hehe.
(Please do not replicate this design.)

I found this Rilakkuma pattern on Pinterest. It's originally a design for perler beads, but those patterns can be translated to cross stitch easily. I made this for my friend Danielle. I'm not sure who made this pattern originally, but I'm using it for recreation only!

I patterned this design myself! It's the Lumina Star Wand from Creamy Mami, which I made for my friend Laura. I love the colors of it, and pixel-like versions of magical girl things are just too cute!
(Please do not replicate this design/pattern in any way)

I have some more patterns I've made, and I can't wait to get started on them! I'm considering opening up a shop to sell what I make. What crafts do you like to do? Any other cross stitchers out there?