11 Cute Anime Suggestions

I know a lot of the time, I just want to sit down and watch something cute. My attraction to cuteness isn't alone, so I went ahead and made a list of 11 of the cutest anime I've seen. Next time you feel your mind's sweet tooth begging for cuteness, try one of these shows!

The list is in random order, so let's go~

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

Often shortened to "Gochiusa", this slice-of-life comedy follows Cocoa, who comes to live with Chino and her family. Together they work in Chino's family's cafe, Rabbit House. This show follows a group of cute girls in a European-style village, with lots of sweet shots of coffee, pastries, and bunnies. There's also some hints of girl-on-girl crushes, something I'm always a fan of.

Love Lab

Love Lab originally caught my attention because of the art style. I'm not sure how to explain it, but there's something very familiar and charming about it. The show follows mainly Riko (a loud, tough girl) and Maki (a poised student council president) on their journey about love and relationships. This is one of the funniest anime on the list as well, and almost every episode had me laughing out loud.

Heartcatch Precure

Just about any Precure series could go on this list, but Heartcatch Precure has my favorite art. It's considered the most popular Precure series, with fully-fleshed characters, beautiful animation, and a surprisingly deep storyline. This season's motifs are mostly flowers, with some additional emphasis on fashion design. Cute Blossom and Cure Marine, the two main Precure, are also two of the most fun to watch grow during the season.


Honestly, this show is easily in my top ten funniest anime. It's a cute slice-of-life about the employees in a family restaurant, and about each one's life. There's also just enough of a hint of romance to make things dreamy, while still making you burst out laughing. There's two seasons, both fantastic. Yamada is my favorite character~

Tamako Market

KyoAni does it again! This anime is focused on Tamako, the daughter of a man who owns a mochi shop. Tamako's life revolves around mochi and the old shopping center she lives near. A talking bird named Dera shows up and changes everything! This show has a lot of shots of adorable desserts, especially traditional Japanese ones. Watching it always makes me hungry.


While it's not my favorite idol anime, Pripara (short for Pretty Rhythm Prism Paradise) is undeniably adorable. It's for kids, but this series still pokes fun at the idol and childrens' genres and how ridiculous they can be. I'm a huge sucker for all the outfit designs, from the performance costumes to the school uniforms! Pripara is also currently airing.

Acchi Kocchi


Now Acchi Kocchi is MY kind of romance anime. Tsumiki and Io are practically dating in the eyes of their screwball friends, and the show follows the development of their relationship. I seriously think this show is WAY underrated, the art style is heart-meltingly precious and the writing is sensitive and sweet. If you're going to pick only one show from this list, please pick Acchi Kocchi!

Kiniro Mosiac 

The art of Kiniro Mosiac reminds me a lot of Gochiusa, and both aired around the same time. I affectionately call this anime "cute weeaboos in Japan", because two of the characters are British girls living in Japan! This show is largely about the differences between Japanese and British culture. Japanese girl Shino loves everything British (tea, scones, and frilly dresses), while her British friend Alice is obsessed with Japan (green tea, futons, and kimono). There's a second season that's currently airing as well.

Yumeiro Patisserie

Okay, I have a secret: I actually really dislike the shoujo genre. But my one exception is Yumeiro Patisserie, and mainly because the entire show revolves around pastries and cakes! I'd say around 99% of the gifs and images of anime desserts that I see on tumblr probably come from this show, with a bonus of cute fairy characters! I'm still in the process of watching it, because there's 50 episodes...

Yuru Yuri

Here's another anime I see a lot on tumblr. Yuru Yuri means "Easy-Going Yuri", something this show is full of. I mean, the lesbianism is right in the title! Every character has bright, shining, round eyes that draw you in, and enough absurd jokes to get you to stay. I mean, look at those big, pink pigtails! Pure charm.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

The title is a mouthful, but the English name is "The 'Hentai' Prince and the Stony Cat", and is often shortened to "HenNeko". This show is... many genres. It's kind of a harem, but not really. It's kind of a comedy, but not really. There's romance, there's drama, there's supernatural! And most importantly, there's really, really cute girls. Gifs of the main girl, Tsukiko, often go by me on tumblr, and she's the reason I first watched this show (and was not disappointed!)

Did I miss your favorite cute anime? Please leave me a comment! I'm always looking for more to watch, and maybe I'll even make a second post with suggestions~

xoxo Katie