May '16 Snapshots

This May is coming to a close, and summer is fast upon us. Most of the blooming flowers have come and gone already, but I've been trying to keep pastels around in my life past spring. Here's a series of snapshots from the past month.

[left: pink Starbucks; right: playing with resin]
[left: new nails; right: random lolita coordinate]
[left: outfit for running errands; right: my anime figures]

It's fun seeing some of my favorite photos from May and being able to connect a stronger color theme through them. I've been playing around a lot with various editing and sticker apps on my phone, and I'm starting to get the hang of what I like.

These are all from my Instagram (@starmiyas), posted throughout May. I try to post almost daily, kind of like livejournal "a photo a day" challenges I used to do. I'm on Instagram almost constantly, the constant flow of original content is addicting!