Lush Valentine's Day 2015 Haul

I LOVE Valentine's Day. I always have, honestly, as a holiday to show your love for those around you. I kind of grew up believing that it wasn't necessarily about romance, it was about love in all ways. I still think this way, actually! But I really enjoy Valentine's Day merchandise, everything is so cute and pink and heart-shaped. Conversation hearts are my favorite candy, too. When my local Lush employees told me about the new Valentine's Day collection about to launch, I was stoked. The day they arrived, I walked in and got one of everything. I definitely don't regret it!

Here's everything I got:

Lonely Heart (Bubble Bar)

I was really sad to have missed out on the glitter party that was Holiday 2014, so seeing Lonely Heart was exciting! Unfortunately the catalogue picture was way glittery-er than the bubble bar in person. It smells amazing though, very sweet and floral.

Heart Throb (Bubbleroon)

Another glitter potential! I've never actually used a bubbleroon before. It has the same scent as African Paradise, which has been growing on me lately.

Unicorn Horn (Bubble Bar)

This seems to be the crown jewel of the collection, the bubble bar that Lush is advertising everywhere. It's definitely an adorable design! According to the Lush website, this product was Japan-only last year, which explains why it's so cute and pastel haha.

Cupid's Love (Soap)

For some reason this soap seems to come in several different designs? Online it's red heart-shaped soap, and then I think I saw a picture of something else as well. I don't usually really bother with soaps since I have so many shower gels, but this smells so good I'm glad I picked it up.

Prince Charming (Shower Gel)

This might be my favorite. I mentioned it to one of my local Lush employees, and she said she had heard the same from a lot of people. It's a great combo of citrus and sweet, not too overpowering on either side. I'm probably going to pick up a bigger bottle in the next few days.

Floating Flower (Bath Bomb)


I feel like all I need to say is that it's the same scent as Flying Fox, my first Lush purchase and favorite scent. Another one I was looking forward to buying.

Love Locket (Bath Bomb)

The design is one of my favorites, it's SO cute... It's really messy though, it got powder everywhere just trying to take this picture. The idea of having 3 (or really 2 and a half) bath bombs in one product is really cool!

The Kiss (Lip Gloss)

I'm not a huge lip gloss fan, so this mostly sits in my purse... The color is nice, and it tastes good. Definitely good for kissing prep.

The Kiss (Lip Scrub)

Yet another adorable design. I really love the sprinkles and hearts in the scrub, it's SO cute! I really want to like this product, but for some reason it tastes vaguely salty to me? It weirds me out every time, so I have trouble enjoying it. The non-salt flavor is good, though.

I actually bought these all back in January when they launched, but still haven't used them all... I do like posting pictures of them on my Instagram, so stop by there for ongoing updates on how they work~

'Til next time!