Macarons x Birthday Girl

My good friend Danielle (who just started her own blog actually!) recently invited me out to Pix Patisserie in Portland, one of our favorite places to hang out. 

In high school, when I was starting to wear lolita, my friend and I tried about 5 times to visit Pix back when it was in The Pearl. For whatever reason, it was always closed, so I never got to try their acclaimed macarons until last year when I visited with Danielle!

Our agreed favorite macaron is the Rose flavor, which is sweet and delicious and decorated with edible glitter.

No visit is complete without 10+ minutes of taking pictures of desserts.

It was dark where we were sitting, so sorry for the grainy photos!
Our favorite combination is a variety of macarons along with a delicious milky Earl Grey. By the way, we demolished the packets of sugar.

Our photogenic snacks~

I've given up coffee recently, which has really given me a new appreciation for tea.

Here's what I looked like:

There's a big cherry tree blossoming outside my boyfriend's apartment, and he's excited to take more pictures when it blooms!

Lately I'm really into Slime Girls. You should give them a listen.