Winter ILD @ Papa Haydn


International Lolita Day was started in 2005, on livejournal, as a way for the international lolita community to celebrate the fashion. This was back in a time when most communities were small, so the best way to connect with other lovers of lolita fashion was to post pictures online.

Now that it’s 2018, it’s wild to imagine how big the lolita community is in Portland alone! Our community held a ticketed event on Sunday, December 2nd, which sold out before I could buy a ticket. I decided to plan an outing with some friends who were free the Saturday before so that I could still celebrate!

I chose Papa Haydn, a popular restaurant in Portland known for its desserts. Their location in Southeast Portland is one of the first places I ever ate macarons!


I ordered the Steak Frites, and wasn’t disappointed!


For dessert I ordered a dish that was a pistachio cake with layers of passion fruit and raspberry sorbet covered in meringue. I loved the colors!


Here’s our group! Everyone looked so fantastic, I always enjoy eating fancy food with fancy friends.

Here’s my oldschool-inspired coordinate, complete with editing worthy of livejournal.


Headbow: Sweet Mildred
Blouse: Infanta
Bolero: Bodyline
Jumperskirt: Baby The Stars Shine Bright 
Socks: Baby The Stars Shine Bright 
Shoes: Secret Shop

I’m so incredibly thankful for the friends I’ve made through lolita fashion. I’ve been into this hobby since 2007, and it’s really crazy to still have some of the same friends in the community now that I met early on when I started attending meets.

How was your ILD? How many times have you celebrated? Do you remember your first ILD?!


Lolita Brunch!

Lately I've been drowning in a mixture of work and school, but I just made some changes to my work schedule which means I was able to join my friends to have a lolita brunch!

I'm currently in school for filmmaking, and have been getting sick of checking out huge, unmanageable camera equipment. I was able to invest in my own camera, the Canon 80D, which is a DSLR also marketed for video production. This was my first day using it, so this post will be really picture heavy!

We parked next to this cute mint townhouse and knew immediately we had to come back for pictures.

The customary Portland pre-brunch standing outside waiting.

My scrambled eggs and pico de gallo weren't cute, but they were delicious ❤


All the flower petals from the trees looked like a pink carpet!

Outfit Rundown:
❤ Jumperskirt - Angelic Pretty
❤ Blouse - Infanta
❤ Cardigan - Angelic Pretty
❤ Socks - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
❤ Shoes - Secret Shop
❤ Headbow - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
❤ Purse - Angelic Pretty
❤ Necklace - The Candy Nebula
❤ Bracelet - Angelic Pretty

Nicole and Kim!

A cute Instax of Nicole and I.

★ It's like a Dream ★