Lolita Brunch!

Lately I've been drowning in a mixture of work and school, but I just made some changes to my work schedule which means I was able to join my friends to have a lolita brunch!

I'm currently in school for filmmaking, and have been getting sick of checking out huge, unmanageable camera equipment. I was able to invest in my own camera, the Canon 80D, which is a DSLR also marketed for video production. This was my first day using it, so this post will be really picture heavy!

We parked next to this cute mint townhouse and knew immediately we had to come back for pictures.

The customary Portland pre-brunch standing outside waiting.

My scrambled eggs and pico de gallo weren't cute, but they were delicious ❤


All the flower petals from the trees looked like a pink carpet!

Outfit Rundown:
❤ Jumperskirt - Angelic Pretty
❤ Blouse - Infanta
❤ Cardigan - Angelic Pretty
❤ Socks - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
❤ Shoes - Secret Shop
❤ Headbow - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
❤ Purse - Angelic Pretty
❤ Necklace - The Candy Nebula
❤ Bracelet - Angelic Pretty

Nicole and Kim!

A cute Instax of Nicole and I.

★ It's like a Dream ★



BB and B Macaron Necklace Review!

In the past, I've seen several of my friends receive sponsored jewelry from BB and B, and I was always in awe of the delicate designs product by the shop. This time, I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful necklace from them!

I've been a big fan of sweets deco (as I call it) for a long time. The aesthetics of desserts have always inspired me, so I love being able to carry that aesthetic with me!

BB and B makes all their jewelry by hand, and, after seeing a piece up close, I can definitely tell they were made by skilled crafters. Each component, from the lovingly shaped raspberries to the careful placement of the toppings, really shows off the artistic level of those who make and design this jewelry.

The bottom of the macaron has a cute doily, and even the charms on the necklace fits the cute and sweet feeling of this piece.

Here's an outfit I put together to match the necklace! Pastels and desserts are what I'm made of~

The green pearlescent strawberries are another cute touch on the necklace!

Overall, I ADORE this necklace! I highly recommend BB and B, if you order from them you won't regret it. If you make an account on their website you can see their prices, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how low-cost they are!

I heard they recently opened a store in LA, I want to visit sometime! BB and B usually also sells at Sakuracon, and their booth is always one of my favorite to look at.

Hope you're having an amazing week!